as the creator of this blog, I think it would be nice to introduce myself a bit…my name is Vedran Hromalić and I’m working as a Data Engineer in Oslo, Norway.

With more than 16 years of experience in IT, mostly in project management, for the last 6 years, my focus has primarily been on MS Data Platform, and I have also further specialized in Business Intelligence. I’m focused on a deeper understanding of T-SQL, SSAS, SSRS, and Power BI, while also learning about data science and actively following activities in the PASS community (SQL Saturdays).

You can find a list of my favorite educational links here or on this blog.

I’m currently involved in various Cloud, BigData, AI and SSAS/Power BI projects, as a developer or a consultant, and I’m enjoying being a part of the MS Data Platform and Business Intelligence community and collaborating with different teams and clients around the globe.

For my formal education, I chose to study Finance at RRiF College of Financial Management because I want to be able to understand, create and deliver complete BI/Analytics solutions for great businesses as a BI Developer and as Data Engineer.

All of that is also a reason why I started writing this blog, in my free time. Thanks to my work I have collected many different articles, links, tools, books, and videos that I would like to share but also to keep in this kind of digital archive.

If you have any ideas for areas of BI, AI, analytics, reporting, application development… don’t hesitate to contact me via Skype, under the username vedranh.com or via my email: vedranh[at]outlook.com