In an average 2017 workplace, there are 5 different generations doing their jobs. Compared to 5 years ago, we are seeing twice as more teams, which means collaborative work is 50% more present, and companies who encourage teamwork were found to be five times more likely to be high performing. In order to help with effectiveness in a situation where a lot of people work together on a project, it helps to have a tool which maximizes efficiency and minimizes time wasted on app switching. This is where Microsoft Teams comes in. Teams keeps track of all of your colleagues, sources, and projects in one spot, which gives you more time left for doing business. By offering you to create various teams for any which project you may currently be working on and giving you the options of chat, scheduling meetings, and easily sharing files, Teams significantly reduces app switching, allowing you to stay in the flow of creating. In Teams, you have your own digital workplace, where you can find your closest coworkers, channels based on topics you are working on, and tabs allowing you to pin documents and files to the team. Teams is also integrated with the office suite and 3rd parties such as Adobe, again reducing app switching. Before Teams, you would waste a lot of precious time switching from app to app to send emails, schedule meetings, edit and share files and talk to coworkers. What Teams aims to do is to place the entire end-to-end process in one spot. Teams is meant for all kinds of workers globally. Here are just a few examples of different teams using Microsoft Teams. 



Like with any other role, group communication is incredibly important to achieving optimal team results. The engineers at AvePoint say Teams has helped them tremendously by offering global real-time communication via the Teams mobile app and reducing the time spent switching between communicating with their co-workers and actually working. 


The most important aspect of handling marketing is communication. Teams helps marketing teams with this issue by helping those in your marketing time communicate in real time, critique and discuss documents, connect different team members, make use of Microsoft’s tools and finally, manage projects better. This leads to marketing teams easily communicating when arranging public launches and managing public relations. 


Organization is crucial in sales. Teams allows those working in your sales department coordinate their tasks and generate proposals by imploring open and central team communication. The constant real-time contact helps sales teams avoid miscommunication and remain clear on their goals. With the ability to easily pin sources and files to a central forum, Teams makes sure no information is missed out on. 


The two finance areas which benefit the most from using Teams are budgets and closing. With budgets, Teams lets users share all different types of documents, from Excel spreadsheets to PowerPoint presentations to OneNote checklists, helping the team to collaborate easily. As for closing, being on the same page is incredibly important when dealing with monthly, quarterly and annual closings. This is made possible by centralized work and communication offered by Teams. 


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